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Want to Work with me and create the building blocks to your most amazing life?

Does this sound familiar?

You feel as though you need and are ready to make a change in your life? Like you are just not following your true direction?

You are ready for more adventure or  excitement in your life?

You feel like something is missing? Passion, motivation, inspiration, but you just don’t quite know how to find it?

If you are after support, guidance and a gentle nudge of accountability, I can help you.

I work with young women just like you, who are yet to figure out where it is their passion truly lies or where exactly in life they are headed. I’m here to help you find your true purpose and calling in life. To help you set amazing goals, and to support you in your actions towards achieving them.

I know what its like to feel completely daunted and overwhelmed by not knowing what direction you want to take in life. I mean really, how are we supposed to have this figured out in our mid teens, to plan subjects around possible university acceptance and future careers. I admit that some people know what career path they are destined for from a young age, Doctor, lawyer, accountant, nurse, but for many of us we have absolutely no freakin idea. I was 34 before I figured this out.

I’m a Transformational Life Coach here to inspire and motivate you, and  help you figure out all of this and more. Whatever it is that your heart desires. If any of the above speaks to you I would love for you to check out my below offers and for us to connect via a free 30 minute consult to see if I could be the coach you have been looking for.



Here’s what some of my awesome clients have had to say!!

I started working with Emily in late 2015, with the aim to grown my business and commit to be the best possible me by April 2016.  Within the 12 weeks working with Emily I had doubled my clientele, lost 5 kilos and become more determined, motivated and confident then ever before.
Thank you so much Emily for keeping me on track and focused with your weekly checkin’s and action plans.

Hollie, Vic.

I started working with Emily during a “transitional” period of my life. A time where i was unsure of my life direction, career and relationship. Through our sessions and action plans, I achieved a lot (more than i was expecting!) It was great to have someone to help me see the opportunities that were available me (& also reflect on how much I was achieving week to week). Having an outside perspective and someone cheer me on through a difficult time. Emily has helped me in finding new career direction and helping other people achieve the same in coaching and inspiring others. Thank you Emily!!!

Steph, Melbourne,  Amsterdam

Emily’s life coaching series was truly invaluable to me. From our first interaction over email, to the completion of the course – Emily was always reliable, punctual and professional in our dealings together. She helped me identify the main areas in my life that I wanted to improve, and assisted me to create meaningful, achievable goals. When I started the coaching series, I felt really lost – both personally and professionally. Emily helped me to identify a change in career direction and assisted me in putting plans into actions – she kept me accountable to myself, and I was amazed at what I was able to achieve, and how my mindset changed from feeling out of my depth, to feeling excited at the prospect of knowing what I could achieve. Emily taught me and supported me in making more time for myself and my personal development, with lots of tips and tricks along the way! Emily is passionate about helping people change their lives for the better, and she has helped me enormously. I gained more from her wisdom than I ever imagined – thank you so much Emily!

Hayley, Melbourne

Coaching Packages

90 minute Inspire Me express goal setting session

Following a short but detailed questionnaire of where you are in life and what you are hoping to achieve, we will have an in depth one off session where we will set some realistic and achievable goals and also work out your best actions towards success. This is a great way to test the waters and see if you feel that a life coach could be a wonderful investment in your life and future. It’s also a really great way to get focused and kick-start something that you may have been putting off or holding back from. If you are after a little kick in the pants, but also the support and encouragement that you need to get going on a specific task or challenge, this is a great option.

Your investment is $150 for the one off session, with an option of a follow up 45-minute session at $60.

3 Month  Motivate Me Coaching series

This is your opportunity to really dive deep and find out what it is your heart truly desires. We begin with a detailed and comprehensive questionnaire to really soul search where you are in life and what your deepest dreams and desires might be. We will explore what are your strengths and where you feel maybe a little overwhelmed. I’ll ask you to be completely open and honest not only with me, but with yourself, so we can really kick off our coaching series with a wide open heart and burning desire to really tackle those big dreams.

Over 3 months, 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions, fortnightly, we will set some amazing goals and really work on your actions towards achieving them.

Your investment is $600 for the series if you pay in installments at $200 per month, $580 if you pay up front at the beginning of the series.


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